Advice on forming a Youth Council

Publication date: March 28, 2022

At the Cabinet meeting on Monday 28 March 2022, the formation of an NNDC Youth Council was unanimously approved.

With the help of the national organisation, the British Youth Council, NNDC is seeking to set up a Youth Council which engages with schools and youth organizations in the district.

With the help of the British Youth Council, local schools and the community, NNDC will form a Youth Council, which will have the following role within the community:

  • Represent neighborhood youth in the decision-making process
  • Campaign on issues important to young people
  • Sitting on examination boards
  • Inspect local services

Cllr Lucy Shires, Organizational Resources Portfolio Holder, said:

“I welcome these proposals. This is a very positive step to move forward with our ambition to establish a Youth Council for North Norfolk’

In the UK, there are already over 620 youth councils working with local governments to engage with decision makers, discuss relevant issues and help improve the lives of young people within their communities.

Forming a youth council will help bridge the gap between local youth and the council.