All Yiannaki Documents Under Review, Youth Organization Examines Possible Dismissal

All documents and qualification certificates submitted to the youth organization by former volunteer commissioner Yiannakis Yiannaki, who was forced to resign earlier this week following the discovery of forged documents, including high school grades , will be examined by investigators, according to a Philenews report.

The police will also go through recent documents that Yiannaki himself sent to the Auditor General.

Beyond the three different high school graduation certificates (related to different grades), the original document Yiannaki submitted will also be reviewed, along with more recent relevant documents.

Authorities are seeking to establish whether the former commissioner was qualified for the job or whether the documents were used in a manner that constitutes willful forgery.

According to Philenews sources, authorities have started collecting testimonies from various people related to Yiannaki’s employment.

The testimony will include the current president of the Youth Organization, employees who managed Yiannaki’s job or worked with him, while an official from the Court of Auditors will also testify.

If the certificate turns out to be forged, the matter becomes even more serious for Yiannaki, who presented employment documents as a civil engineer in a contracting company from September 1993 to November 1996, when he applied to the youth organization.

His request to the Organization included a statement that all documents and certificates presented were, to the best of his knowledge, true.

Based on this statement, the Youth Organization could, according to reports, be legally justified in revoking his appointment, which means that he will also lose his pension rights.

The Auditor General has proposed this action and the matter is being examined by the Organization’s legal counsel.

There are also discrepancies with the time when Yiannaki says he worked as an assistant professor at the University of San Diego from 1989 to 1992.