AP Youth Congress leader kills bird, fries and sends it to Twitter office in protest

KAKINADA: The son of former Amalapuram MP Harsha Kumar and young Congress leader Sri Raj created a float by killing a bird (quail-Kouju), to match the bird image of the Twitter logo, and a sent “the fried bird” to Twitter offices via Post.

He did so to protest the Twitter suspension of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s account. All the action was filmed and he posted it on his Instagram page. He also informed the Congress Bureau.

He said in his message to the congressional bureau that the protest was organized by state congressman Harsha Kumar and his supporters launched slogans in favor of Rahul Gandhi and against the BJP. After we posted part of the fried bird, we ate the remaining pieces, ”he said.

The Pradesh Congressional Disciplinary Committee and the communications wing of the Indian Congress Committee have taken serious note of the incident. Sources quoted committee chairman Lingamsetty Eswararao as saying such protests would damage the party’s image in Congress.

From Mahatma Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi, the leaders of Congress have maintained a high degree of decency in their conduct. The AICC’s communications wing therefore suspended Sri Raj from party membership, it was said.

Harsha Kumar said Chronicle of the Deccan that the incident took place in protest.