Bangalore: Nalapad takes over as President of State Youth Congress

Daijiworld Media Network – Bangalore (SP)

Bangalore, February 11: Mohammed Nalapad took office as President of the State Youth Congress on Thursday, February 10. A program organized on this occasion brought together the leader of the opposition, Siddaramaiah, the chairman of the Congress Committee of Karnataka Pradesh, DK Shivakumar, and other important leaders.

Speaking after taking office, Nalapad said he had crafted a five-point program to lead the congressional youth unit from the front lines. He explained that the highest number of memberships, the selection of a digital youngster at the stand level and his training in technologies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. so that the party programs are broadcast to the maximum number of people, organizing Basava Jayanti, Christmas, Eid and Diwali every year on which occasions the marriages of one hundred widows will be arranged,” he said.

Nalapad said he made a mistake in the past and he repented of it. “Siddaramaiah guided me at this point. During the tough times, he was by my side. DK Shivakumar was with me during the critical time and instilled confidence in me,” he said.