Birmingham City Council approves potential MLB youth academy at George Ward Park

George Ward Park could become the next destination for the MLB Youth Academy. Who hits the ball out of the park! Photo via Trek Birmingham

Could MLB take another step towards building a brand new youth academy at George Ward Park? We think so. Birmingham City Council has approved a deal that would allow the Major League Baseball Youth Development Foundation to bring its youth baseball and softball academy to Birmingham.

Racine, Racine, Racine for the reception team.

Birmingham City Council discussed the pros and cons of this potential new program on Tuesday March 19. Photo via Birmingham City Council

According to Birmingham City Council, it is now up to the MLB Youth Development Foundation to determine whether or not it wants to continue with its plans to build the $ 10 million program in the park. The Youth Academy will provide free baseball and softball training to Birmingham children of all ages.

After much opposition from citizens residing near the park, the MLB Youth Development Program decided to “re-evaluate” the construction of the park in this area earlier this month.

Birmingham City Council met on Tuesday to vote on the issue and reached an 8: 1 deal to move the park forward. “It’s a good park. It is centrally located. It is right in the heart of the city. Why not? “Said Birmingham City Councilor Steven Hoyt.

The MLB Youth Development Foundation can choose where they want to place their program, whether it be George Ward Park, East Lake Park, Banks Middle School, or other parks in the United States.

MLB Youth Academy is located in over 10 cities, and it’s not over yet. Photo via MLB

The MLB Youth Academy program has had a major impact on urban cities for over 10 years. Major League Baseball’s first youth academy was founded in 2006 in Compton, California. According to MLB Youth Academy, this program aims to “set the standard for teaching baseball and softball, teaching and educating in America, and improving the quality of life in surrounding communities.”

What do you think of this new youth academy heading to George Ward Park?

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