Blackpool midfielder documents life at Seasiders youth academy as progress continues

Blackpool have continued to grow in terms of youth academy productivity over recent seasons.

Even under previous ownership, the youth setup swam against the tide to continue to outperform and produce players who would go on to have successful careers.

Bright Osayi-Samuel and Dom Telford are just two names who have pursued professional careers despite being below category status at Blackpool.

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Now under the ownership of Simon Sadler, the club are prioritizing the academy structure to continue to develop and improve it with Ciaran Donnelly heading the department.

With an FA Youth Cup fifth round draw against Newcastle United at Bloomfield Road on the horizon, overperformance has become a natural cycle with John Murphy’s boys having the chance to face Chelsea if they win this game.

Tayt Trusty is one of the leading figures in the new batch of talent coming to the Fylde Coast, with the likes of Rob Apter, Luke Mariette and Jack Moore joining him to sign professional deals.

Trusty is currently on loan at Northern Premier League side Radcliffe FC alongside Moore and the midfielder recently documented his experiences with life at Blackpool so far.

Speaking to Youtuber Dennis Ivin, Trusty explained how the move happened: “There was a tournament, we played them (Blackpool) a few weeks before, but I didn’t play really well in that game, but I played well in the tournament and me and four other people came down for a tryout and a practice session.

“I went there, played well and after a trial match they gave me a scholarship and obviously I’ve been here ever since.”

Trusty had been offered scholarships at other clubs before the Seasiders approached him, but turned them down, continuing to wait for what he felt was the right opportunity.

“When I went to Blackpool I felt welcome, they have a plan where they want to be. Since I came here I have met so many new people who are saying positive things, the coaching encourages me and they know what they’re doing,” Faithful said.

“I have no regrets because I met people who I will always remember, people who helped me and you can see that from what I have achieved so far.

The midfielder had to pack up at the age of 16 to move to the North West away from his family to try his luck at the youth side of Bloomfield Road.

“When I got there I missed home like crazy, it’s not like I can come home every week because it’s a good four or five hour trip, so you see d ‘other people come home on weekends and you wish you could live closer, but it’s about adjusting,’ Trusty added.

Blackpool have made a genuine effort both in the community and within their academy setup to ensure that educational programs are a key part of youth development.

The Community Trust continues to play an active role in this regard with the school built in Bloomfield Road offering community courses, while the young players themselves also attend university separately. If they are released, they have something to fall back on.

“Moving has made me more independent but it’s hard because not only are you leaving family, you’re leaving friends – it’s hard but you get used to it, obviously I’m used to it now.

“With me being on loan I’ll have the gym in the morning, I’ll have a morning session with Blackpool, I’ll come home and relax a bit and then I’ll leave at about half past five to arrive at Radcliffe at seven and then I’m going to train there,” Trusty said.

“One Wednesday we have college, then Monday we have half a day of college, then training.”

The FA Youth Cup has been a real pillar of success for the Tangerines in recent years and has provided the platform for the best talents in the setup to express themselves.

Trusty spoke about the progress made in this season’s competition so far: “With our team, there’s no one who doesn’t get along, we’re all friends and we all laugh together, so the bond with the team helps us perform on the pitch.

“When we train together we know how people play and what we want to do, obviously the coaches have made plans for us and the analysis team as well.

“We are also underdogs, so we performed well.”

One of the few players to make the jump in pre-season, Trusty was able to make his first-team debut in a friendly against Burnley before also taking to the pitch against Carlisle.

“I went to train with the first team and saw myself with the starting team and I couldn’t believe it. I was nervous but I was so excited but when I got on the pitch, there is a crowd but the crowd disappears. you focus on your football,” Trusty said.

“First-team football is a much faster pace, you can make a difference.”

Trusty is one of many highly regarded players in the ever-improving Bloomfield Road system and he hopes the Radcliffe loan is the first step on the road to a successful professional career.

You can watch the full interview here.

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