Construction of Youth Congress camp office for upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh

03 November 2021 15:44 STI

New Delhi [India]November 3 (ANI/ThePRTree): The Youth Congress camp office has been constructed in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh for the elections to be held in 2022.
Jaivardhan Singh, a former Madhya Pradesh government minister and MP for Raghogarh, chaired the event.
State Youth Congress Chairman Kanishk Pandey and special guest Nitendra Singh Rathore also attended the meeting. The State Secretary General of the Youth Congress, Deepak Shivhare, also played a crucial role in strengthening the hands of Congress within the UP.
The Maharani Laxmibai Awards Ceremony 2021 was also organized to honor people from different regions and organizations in Bundelkhand for the commendable work they have done in their respective fields. From medicine, education, environment, literacy to human security, every field excels in producing talent that further fuels the growth of the country as a whole.

Deepak Shivhare, organizer of the awards ceremony, said: “The main focus of the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections in 2022 is the construction of the camp office. Priyanka Gandhi and the Youth Congress must strengthen the political framework to win the upcoming elections”.
He further adds, “I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be with Priyanka Gandhi Ji during times of struggle. Adding to Deepak Shivhare’s statement, Jaivardhan Singh says, ‘If Deepak Shivhare thinks the same , then the day is not far when the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh will be Priyanka Gandhi and the people of Uttar Pradesh will be freed from the J. Pa government”.
Deepak Shivhare’s initiative and his speech were highly appreciated by all the guests of honor of the program. Shri Jaivardhan Singh initiated the concept of the award ceremony with the wise advice and assistance of Deepak Shivhare.
With the effective policy framework and the establishment of the Youth Congress Camp, it is sure that Priyanka Gandhi and the Youth Congress Committee will surely have a moment of victory to secure higher seats in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
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