Councilor Sally Milbourne calls for creation of Devonport Town Youth Council | Avocado

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The creation of a Devonport City Youth Council will be considered by Devonport City Council at its June 28 meeting. It comes after Councilor Sally Milbourne tabled a Notice of Motion calling for the creation of the Youth Council to act as an advisory committee to the Council and its Youth Development Program and promote youth issues and concerns in Devonport. Cr Milbourne’s motion said that a youth council would provide an important opportunity for young people to participate in council decisions. His motion said that a new youth council in the town of Devonport could help the council uncover important issues for young people in the area and provide advice on how those issues could be addressed. It could also develop initiatives and projects for young people; improve opportunities and outcomes for young people in Devonport; reflect the interests of young people; raise awareness of issues affecting young people; and help organize activities in which young people could participate. The motion indicated that the council’s youth development officer and a counselor would facilitate youth council meetings and activities. If supported, the plan is for the new youth council to meet four times a year as well as attend events and functions on occasion, including council meetings as needed. Schools would be invited to nominate two new students each year to encourage new ideas and promote youth issues in the area. The board adopted a regional youth strategy in 2019. While you’re with us, did you know you can now sign up to receive the latest news and daily headlines straight to your inbox? Register here.