Defibrillator plans for downtown Gravesend thanks to the Gravesham Youth Council project

Young people learned life-saving skills as part of a Gravesham Youth Council project to install a public access defibrillator in Gravesend town center.

Thirteen young people, including members of the Youth Council committee, received training in CPR and the use of defibrators from the Gravesham Life Saving Club during the summer vacation.

Advised Gravesham youth during their defib training. Photo provided by Gravesham Council

A second course is being organized because the first has been oversubscribed.

The Youth Council is working with the Gravesham Rescue Club to raise funds for a public access defibrillator to be installed in the town, with a view to funding more in the future.

The move was praised by Gravesham Community and Recreation Council Cabinet Member Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox, who said their chances of survival are reduced by 10%.

“The recognition by the Gravesham Youth Council of this as well as its efforts to increase the number of public access defibrillators in the city and ensure that young people know how to use them, will undoubtedly save lives in the future.

“In general, too often the focus can be on the very small number of young people involved in anti-social or criminal behavior. This may distract from the fact that the vast majority of young people nationwide and certainly in Gravesham are law abiding and honest.

“Attending this course showed how prepared local youth are to volunteer their time to develop skills and take responsibility so that they are equipped to help others in an emergency.

“They are a credit to all of us and we should be proud of them.”

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