Delhi Police use water cannons and detain 589 people at Youth Congress protest against Pegasus snoopgate near Jantar Mantar

Delhi Police said no permission had been given to Indian Youth Congress (IYC) head BV Srinivas to stage the Jantar Mantar protest.

Indian Youth Congress activists at the ‘Sansad Gherao’ protest against the BJP-led Union government. (Photo: PTI)

Delhi Police arrested 589 people, including 28 women, two MPs and two MPs, during a protest organized from Jantar Mantar by the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) as no permission was given to the organizer, IYC chief BV Srinavas, for the same, officials said Thursday.

Delhi police used water cannons to disperse the protesters.

The IYC organized a “Sansad Gherao” protest against the Pegasus spy line. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who was present at the protest, attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said Israeli spyware was a tool to silence people.

“Your cell phone is your voice. Narendra Modi put the idea of ​​Pegasus into every youngster’s cell phone, not just mine. This idea is that if you are telling the truth, Narendra Modi and Pegasus are there in your phones.” , Rahul says Gandhi.

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“Pegasus is a way to silence people’s voices,” added the congressional leader.

Pegasus’ spy line has placed the ruling BJP at the mercy of attacks from the opposition who accused it of espionage. The Saffron Party, however, denied all the allegations.

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Rahul Gandhi said that the day the country’s young people start telling the truth, the Modi government will collapse.

He accused Prime Minister Modi of “jumping jobs” out of the hands of young people. Rahul Gandhi said the prime minister would talk about anything but unemployment.

(With PTI inputs)

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