Epping students join youth council to debate climate change

Epping High School students had the opportunity to make their voices heard at the climate action conference hosted by the Epping Forest Youth Council.

Students from Epping St Johns, the Davenant Foundation, Roding Valley High School and West Hatch High School joined in quizzes, debates and listened to guest speakers at the conference on Friday, November 19.

The climate change day saw a debate focused on the most emotional form of protest given Isulate Britain’s ‘disruptive’ approach.

Arguments for and against were given; including examples of how suffragists broke the law to get votes for women and how disruption to drivers and others is counterproductive to the cause of climate change.

Delegates rejected the illegal protests, voting 60 percent to 40 percent against the conclusion motion; “This house believes that blocking roads and other disturbances is the right way to achieve climate justice.”

Guest speaker Nick Hill from Essex County Council spoke about sustainable transportation and how organizations, including councils and schools, are developing travel plans to encourage active and sustainable travel like cycling and the use of public transport.

Nutritionist Ashleigh Howard explained how our diet can influence climate change.

Howard explained how trying a mostly plant-based diet that uses locally produced, seasonal foods can reduce your carbon footprint.

Jess Hodges, assistant to Epping Forest Countrycare, explained the impact of climate change on wildlife.

She explained in Food Sources and Habitat that warmer weather means a change in the habits of animals and plants; animals emerge from hibernation earlier before their food source is available.