Expansion of Rajasthan Youth Congress organization: Sagar Sharma becomes Senior Vice President of RPYC

The Indian Youth Congress High Command has appointed Sagar Sharma as Senior Vice President of Rajasthan with immediate effect from 4th September 2022. Youth icon Sagar has secured the position after working tirelessly for four years with the organization and played key roles in the management of elections.

Starting from scratch, Sagar Sharma completed his graduate studies in business management at James Cook University in Singapore and returned to India in 2017. His dedication to social welfare led him to recognize the need for a bridge between the general public and politicians. He recognized the need for a grassroots leader in this country. So he tried to become one rather than trying to find one.

By connecting with people at the Gram Panchayat level, he paved his way. Sagar also supported and played an important role in the victory of his father, “Dr. Raghu Sharma” (former Minister of Health), who is currently the AICC Congress Officer in Gujarat, in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election in Kekri 2018. Apart from this victory, he also played a major role in winning the Vidhan Sabha elections, he was instrumental in bringing the Congress Council to Sarwar Panchayat elections of 2020. He also garnered the highest number of members for the INC Membership Campaign, which became the primary basis for appreciation.

Sagar was instrumental in bringing the Congress Governing Council to the elections of Kekri Municipal Corporation after 25 years and Sarwar Municipal Corporation after 15 years, as well as representing Rajasthan of India in the Virtual Youth Parliament of the Commonwealth. He and several others started a union entirely focused on helping the underprivileged during the COVID outbreak last year, helping more than a million people in need. This facilitated the return of migrant workers from various parts of the state.

Sagar said in one of the interviews that he enjoys working in voter happiness. He also said in his statement that people were trying to defame him on the basis of nepotism, but in reality he was working on the ground with the aim of helping people in need. He supports the idea that it is crucial to discuss national issues and the role young people play in them. Now his responsibility is to win public support for the 2023 elections. With the mindset of the younger generation and in his leadership role, he has accepted the duty to organize, inform the electorate of his rights and to help him solve their problems.

Sagar realized that to help those in need, he had to put himself in their shoes as an empath, and only then would he be able to identify with them. He emphasized the use of social media platforms as a means of educating and sensitizing young people in order to reach them anytime and anywhere. His innovative method quickly gained acceptance, which led to an increase in the number of followers. Sagar Sharma travels to the regions to learn about the problems residents are suffering from even in times of COVID outbreak.

As evidenced by voters and voters on Sagar Sharma’s Facebook and Instagram pages, he visits villages to learn about the issues the locals are facing even in times of COVID pandemic. At Kekri Residence, he is readily available to assist local voters. On Twitter, everyone is free to mention it and express their complaints.

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