Hopkinsville officials announce mayor’s youth council

Sixteen students selected for the Mayor’s Youth Council were introduced Tuesday night at the Hopkinsville City Council meeting. The juniors and seniors of Hopkinsville High School, University Heights Academy, Christian County High School and Heritage Christian Academy are:

  • Jada Ashbery, HHS
  • Ella Brown, HHS
  • Rachel Cavanah, UHA
  • Dominique Davie, CCHS
  • Faith Folz, HHS
  • Addi Fourqurean, UHA
  • Anna Fourqurean, UHA
  • Chaney Guffey, UHA
  • McKenzie Hyams, HHS
  • Rilee Joiner, HHS
  • Hailey Killebrew, HCA
  • Cloud Latham, CCHS
  • Noah Rager, CCHS
  • Sherissa Russell-Robinson, CCHS
  • Kaitlin White, CCHS
  • Na’Shiaya Wilson, CCHS

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer these exceptional young people a chance to pull back the curtain and learn more about the inner workings of city government,” Mayor Wendell Lynch said in a news release.

The council’s purpose is to engage students and “to equip, inspire and mobilize them to take action that improves the community,” the statement said.

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