How to start a youth organization

Listen, we’re all on the same boat here.

There are only a few months left until university / college applications and you suddenly realize that you don’t have any extracurricular activities and your resume looks pretty dry. You curse your parents for not forcing you into a thousand different hobbies when you were two years old and embarking on your own resume making journey. You only have three months to go the extra mile and pray that the admissions officer doesn’t see through.

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You stumble upon the concept of youth organizations, and after going through 739 recruiting posts on Facebook, you realize that you won’t just join a youth organization, you are going to start your own. But how?

Follow these steps to create a “youth organization” and remember that your existence will be a tautology of the real problem you are trying to solve. It doesn’t matter if you are there or not.


Find your cause, but be sure to raise awareness and capitalize on your privilege by becoming “The Voice of the Voiceless” because power and privilege are not limited resources and you should definitely add your voice to the story instead of amplify them. who have had these experiences.


Build your team. Start a recruiting post and watch like-minded resume makers pour into your inbox. You see, they need dramatic titles to feel important. Using Canva templates and fancy fonts doesn’t look great; let’s call him social media manager. Sending a “please like and follow” isn’t going to cut it, call it Head of Marketing. Make sure your first 12 posts advertise each member of your compound departments.


Start the job and spread the word. Have your research team rephrase the Wikipedia articles and fit them into the same four overused templates, maybe you can really spice up your content and add stickers and stock images. Remember, you can only post trending infographics on Twitter. If you are a news page, make sure you have a graphic designer who carries the entire account on their back. You need to make them spend hours of their time and not pay them a dime for their work. Exposure to your school friends is the best compensation, right?


Add the CEO / Founder to your Instagram Bio because everyone knows your job is more important than your actual job. Bonus points if your “organization” has a single Bengali word as a name that has some vague association with your purpose. When you go to college or university, and so do your friends, your page will become another 600 subscribers page that was abandoned after reaching its goal.

So you have either built your youth organization or have an action plan ready to go. Meet Zameer, founder of a “youth organization”. He lives in Norway in his own little bubble of privilege. He writes about poverty and protest plays on his MacBook Pro and adds his voiceovers to the ASMR trauma. Zameer’s organization is called “Zameer’s Stick”, it has a brilliant unpaid graphic designer, and doesn’t add anything new to the story. It’s like the news if he was a month late and only did it for the views.

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