Hwange youth organization aims to fill information gap

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Moyana equity in Hwange
The YOUTH of Hwange organized an indaba on Friday with key stakeholders on devolution, governance of natural resources and corporate social responsibility.

The indaba, which was organized by the Hwange Youth Empowerment Initiative (HYEI), provided a platform for interaction between young people and key decision makers such as the Ministries of Women, Community, Small Development and medium-sized enterprises as well as Youth, Sports, Arts and Leisure, Hwange local council and NGOs.

This is part of the organization’s program to create synergies between young people and other key actors on decentralization and the exploitation of natural resources after studies revealed that there was low participation in community activities. by young people due to lack of information.

HYEI district program director Mr. Tinashe Matika said the lack of information on how young people might benefit from various development initiatives was largely to blame for their low participation.

“We are a youth organization and this was our first youth indaba. We realize that there is a huge gap in terms of access to information, which normally manifests as unfavorable behavior whereby people believe or perpetuate stereotypes that government officials cannot help or provide you with. information, ”said Matika.

He said the organization had engaged the ministries of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation and Women’s Affairs, the Hwange Local Council, the Zimbabwe Women’s Coalition and Zimparks to help unpack information on the participation of young people in development initiatives.

Mr Matika said most young people had no information on how they could benefit from their natural resources and as such were not involved in the exploitation of these resources.

“This is why there is always a low participation rate in budget consultation meetings and low participation in economic development programs initiated by the government or the council,” he said.

Mr. Matika said that many young people in the district resort to the abuse of sex, drugs and alcohol.

“We have a petition that we will soon submit to the local council and the Department of Local Government and Public Works demanding recreational facilities for young people where they could, in addition to caring, get useful information,” did he declare.

Ms Jenamiso Ncube, acting youth officer in the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation, said government-launched programs offered many opportunities for young people, but denounced low participation.

“The government has put in place a number of economic programs for young people which include skills development and also provide loans to enable young people to start income-generating projects. The level of participation of young people is unfortunately very disappointing. It is either there is a lack of information or interest on the part of young people. We have carried out awareness campaigns on these programs using various media, but the situation has not improved yet, ”Ms. Ncube said.