Hynñiewtrep Youth Council petitions CM regarding fuel price hike

The Hynñiewtrep Youth Council (HYC) has petitioned Chief Minister Conrad Sangma over rising fuel prices in the state. Petrol has crossed the triple digit mark, while diesel is now at ₹92.65 per litre.
In a letter to the Chief Minister, the HYC pointed out that the factors influencing rising fuel prices in the country and in the state are crude oil, freight and handling charges for the dealer; excise duty by the central government; dealer’s commission at the service station; and value added tax levied by the state government.
Given the ongoing pandemic crisis, the HYC said the increase in fuel prices is having a cascading effect on the prices of all daily use items in the state.
“Rising fuel prices increase transportation costs across the state and directly or indirectly affect commodity prices. Since almost all products are transported by road to the state, the cost of transport is integrated into all costs. This will in turn affect all sections of society, especially farmers,” HYC said.
The HYC requested the government to raise the matter with the relevant authority to reduce the excise tax on humanitarian grounds.
“The state government is also requested to take a conscious decision to alleviate the suffering of the people by reducing VAT on the sale of gasoline and diesel by 50 percent,” the HYC said.

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