In Bangalore, the Youth Congress protests against anti-encroachment campaigns across the country; Watch

In a key political development, Karnataka Youth Congress workers staged protests in Bengaluru on Friday against the Center over a range of issues, primarily the use of bulldozers in anti-encroachment campaigns in various cities across the country. Protesters believe that these anti-encroachment campaigns should not be carried out. In footage captured by Republic TV, several Youth Congress activists can be seen being arrested by local police and thrown into a van.

Alwar Temple demolished by Congress government

It is pertinent to mention here that the development comes on the day when the Congress government led by Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan demolished a 300-year-old temple at Rajgarh in Alwar district. According to reports, sculptures were smashed by bulldozers and a 300-year-old Shivling was destroyed by a drill. Locals claimed that the temple was demolished under the guise of development. On the other hand, a video of congressman Johri Lal Meena was featured in which he was seen saying that the bulldozer would not have had a congressional board in the area.

The Congressman also reportedly asked to bring 34 advisers to his home to stop the demolition. It is through this alleged video that people make the connection between the deputy’s statement and the destruction of the temple. It is pertinent to mention that the BJP board is currently in the Rajgarh area of ​​Alwar. Several Hindu organizations have lodged complaints about this.

Jahangirpuri demolition campaign

On Wednesday, bulldozers razed numerous concrete and temporary structures near a mosque in Jahangirpuri as part of an anti-encroachment campaign by the BJP-led North Delhi Municipal Corporation. It came days after the northwest district of Delhi was rocked by communal violence. The area had witnessed stone throwing and shooting at Hanuman Jayanti during Shobha Yatra when groups from two communities clashed. The Supreme Court had intervened twice to stop the conduct after hearing a petition filed by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind against the demolition. Similar directives were also enforced by saffron party governments in Khargone district in Madhya Pradesh and Anand district in Gujarati, where bulldozers were used to tear down overgrown properties belonging to suspected rioters.