Indian Youth Congress adopts resolution to appoint Rahul Gandhi party chairman | India News

NEW DELHI: The Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on Monday passed a resolution to re-appoint Rahul Gandhi as party chairman.
The resolution was passed unanimously on the last day of the IYC’s two-day national executive meeting in Goa, the congressional youth wing said in a statement.
IYC national chairman Srinivas BV said Gandhi should once again become national chairman of the Congress party “for which a resolution was unanimously adopted at the meeting.”
“He (Srinivas) also said that in the coming days, the Youth Congress will fight in the streets on all burning issues in the interest of the country and bring this fight to the people,” the statement said.
During the two-day meeting, the party discussed the challenges facing the organization and “how to successfully meet these challenges, the main programs of the organization, internal elections, membership, all major issues. , including the campaign, were discussed in detail ”.
“The serious issues facing the country, such as unemployment, rising inflation, the problem of farmers, national security, the sale of the country’s properties, all these burning issues, and how to fight the BJP government on these anti-popular issues in the coming times were discussed in detail, ”he said.
The political and organizational resolution was also unanimously adopted by all national officials and presidents of states, he added.
Indian Youth Congress national leader and AICC co-secretary Shri Krishna Allavaru ji said every Indian Youth Congress worker will fight against this dictatorial government in the coming days and strive to take the congressional party ideology and Shri Rahul. Gandhi ji’s message to the people of the country, “the IYC statement read.