Karnataka Youth Congress Hosts Mass Baby Shower in Bengaluru to Celebrate Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday

On the birthday of Acting Congress President Sonia Gandhi, members of the Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee (KPYCC) held a mass baby shower for 70 pregnant women in Bengaluru on Thursday. Held in the town’s Banaswadi locality, the event was chaired by KPYCC Chairman MS Raksha Ramaiah and former Minister KJ George.

Acting Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who turned 75 on Thursday, is the longest-serving Congress party president. She was elected president in 1998. Gandhi led the party for 20 years. The event took place in the temple of Anjaneya in Doddabanaswadi. The temple had a festive look, with the 70 pregnant women decked out in flowers, turmeric, and silk saris. Alongside these women, several relatives and their close friends participated in the event. The women were offered “Baginia”.

Traditionally the “Bagina” (an offering) is given in the “mora” (bamboo trays specially designed for cleaning food grains) which symbolize a sign of prosperity and peace. Women exchange these “Baginas” and pray for prosperity and peace. “Mora,” the humble kitchen utensil woven from strips of bamboo, takes on immense importance at several auspicious events and festivals associated with women. (ANI)

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