Karnataka Youth Congress leader ‘floats’ down waterlogged road

Hitting back to Chief Minister of Karnataka for blaming previous Congress For Governments Bengaluru rain woes DK Shivakumar We invite Basvaraj Bommai and his administration will perform or face election

bangalore: Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee Chairman, Mohammed Haris Nalapad Tuesday Protest against the state government placing an inflated rubber tube along a waterlogged road to show their disapproval of the engorgement.

Meanwhile, hitting back at Karnataka’s Chief Minister for blaming the “bad administration” of previous Congress governments for the rain woes in Bengaluru, Party State Chairman DK Shivakumar on Tuesday, we urge you to Basvaraj Bommai His administration to organize or face elections. It is also claimed that the ‘corrupt’ BJP government and its officials are responsible for the current situation in Bengaluru.

“If there was any encroachment during the term of Congress, let them (BJP) clarify it, they previously got five, now they got five, they should have done it… not working while they were in power and blaming previous Congress governments instead is not fair,” Shivakumar Responding to Chief Minister’s Statement.

Speaking, he told reporters that such an incident had never happened in the history of Congress’ tenure. “It is because of your corruption and the corruption of your officials. The Chief Minister must bear this in mind. People gave you an opportunity. In case you are not able to play, let’s go to the elections, ”he concluded.

Bommai can be found earlier on Tuesday, had blamed the “bad administration” of previous Congress governments. For the deluge, it was unprecedented rainfall in the capital. The Chief Minister accused had been Congressional authorization for “center-right-left” construction activities in areas of the lake on reservoir levees, buffer zones and during his rule.

The State Congress Its leadership The incumbent President Ramalinga Reddy, Leader It is the legislative council opposition BK Hariprasad A protest was held against the BJP government accusing them of neglecting the infrastructure of Bengaluru leading to the current situation and blamed it for “bringing down pride” stating that many IT companies and BT were looking to relocate to other cities.

Dr. Geeta Agnihotri, Scientist, Meteorological Department, said: “Today’s rainfall report for Bangalore is as follows: Electronic City-8 cms, City office-4 cms, International airport-9.6 mm & HAL airport-5 cms. Heavy rain for the next 2-3 days in Bangalore, a yellow alert has been issued for today.

She added: “Widespread rains for the next 5 days over the coast and interior of North Karnataka, 3 days of widespread rains followed by fairly widespread rains over the next 2 days in the southern interior of Karnataka .”

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