KCR’s promotion of pub culture has spoiled Telangana’s youth: Congress

Hyderabad: Former cabinet minister and former opposition leader in the Telangana Legislative Council, Mohammed Ali Shabbir has accused Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao of ruining the lives and careers of young people in Telangana by promoting pub culture in the cities and belt stores in rural areas.

Addressing a series of meetings in Tippapur, Shivaipally, Somarampet, Indraipally and Gudem villages on Saturday under the Raithu Rachabanda Congress program in Kamareddy district, Shabbir Ali said CM KCR had completely neglected the administration and focused on easy sources of income.

“Instead of generating strong revenue resources for the state over the past eight years, KCR Govt has tried to manage the situation either by borrowing loans or selling alcohol. Hence, today Telangana has fallen into a huge debt trap of over Rs 5 lakh Crore and its younger generation has also become addicted to alcohol and drugs,” he alleged.

Shabbir Ali said the KCR government mismanaged the state finances to the point that today it has to depend on loans to pay the salaries of its staff. The situation has worsened despite KCR’s false claims that Telangana is the “richest” state in the country.

Likewise, he said the TRS government’s “flawed” excise policy has completely ruined the lives of young people.

“Thousands of young people have become addicted to the use of alcohol and drugs due to their easy availability. In the interest of easy revenue, TRS Govt has granted licenses for thousands of pubs and bars in urban areas while allowing belt shops in rural areas. Consequently, young people have become addicted and the same pub culture leads to other crimes like the recent gang rape in Hyderabad,” he remarked.

He demanded that severe action be taken against those involved in this heinous act.