Kerala Cartoon Academy grazes disruption of workshop by Youth Congress activists

The Kerala Cartoon Academy condemned the disruption of “Varappoottu” (Locking Lines), a two-day cartoon workshop held at YMCA Aluva, by suspected Youth Congress activists on Sunday.

While urging the Youth Congress to focus on tackling the pandemic, Academy officials said activists were improperly training their guns at the workshop held to educate children on COVID-19 prevention.

That the incident took place in a state where cartoonist Shankar came from was deplorable, said Academy president K. Unnikrishnan and camp coordinator Sudheer Nath. That the activists of an organization proud of the legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru who once told Shankar not to spare him in his cartoons spoke volumes, they added.

The Academy had organized “cartoon walls” in the 14 districts of the state, in conjunction with the Social Security Mission. This was followed by the preselection of 12 cartoonists from Kerala to draw cartoons to raise awareness among children, in coordination with the National Institute for Public Cooperation and Child Development. The two-day event was organized in compliance with the COVID-19 protocol. The disruption by Youth Congress activists, many of whom wore no masks, was a stain on the event. Police had recorded one case, Mr Nath said.

Opposition leader VD Satheesan, general secretary of general education Mohammed Hanish and doctors were among those who visited the designers on Saturday and Sunday during the workshop.

The claim by activists that the Academy failed to support the family of cartoonist Ibrahim Badusha, who died a month ago, was contrary to the facts. A condolence meeting took place days after his death, Nath said.