Kerala Police Recommends Banishing Young Congress Workers Who Slogged Against Kerala CM In-Flight

Kerala Police are planning to oust Youth Congress worker Farzeen Majeed, who staged a protest against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inside an Indigo flight in June this year, from his home district citing the strict KAAPA law or the Goonda law against the Congress worker.

According to reports, recently the Kannur City Police Commissioner recommended the collector to banish the Congress worker for one year under the Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act (KAAPA), popularly known as Law name Goonda based on a police report. alleging that Farzeen Majeed is a serial offender.

On June 13, 2022 Kerala Youth Congress activists namely Farzeen Majeed, Naveen Kumar and Sunith Kumar all residents of Kannur boarded a commercial flight carrying Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to Thiruvananthapuram from Kannur and he waved black flags to protest police harassment. As well as being charged with attempted murder at the time, the trio had also been put on a ‘no fly list’ by Indigo.

Now, according to reports, Kannur city police have recommended Kannur DIG to invoke the KAAPA provision prohibiting entry into the district against Youth Congress bloc chairman Farzin Majeed, citing that he was involved in more than ten cases, four of which were serious, including an attempted murder case recorded in connection with an organized protest against the Chief Minister in a robbery.

The Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act (KAAPA), which is usually invoked against hardened criminals, came into force in 2007. According to this act, people who threaten the security and peace of society can be imprisoned for up to one year. Violators will be treated like thugs or morons. An amendment was made to this law in 2014. Currently, the power to impose KAAPA on felons rests with the District Collector.

Police sources, however, indicated that the decision to invoke KAAPA against the leader of the Youth Congress will only be taken after hearing it.

The Congress on Friday slammed a decision by the Kerala Police to banish the Youth Congress worker from his home district. Reacting to the state police’s recommendation, Congress lawmaker and opposition leader VD Satheesan said, “Vijayan should bear in mind that this is not Russia under Stalin.

He also questioned why the Goonda Act had not been used against CPM student leaders who were involved in many serious cases, when the majority of cases against the Youth Congress leader involved breaches of Covid protocol.

Notably, after the incident, Farzeen Majeed in an interview with Mathrubhumi News accused the CPM government in the state of constructing a narrative to portray him as a notorious criminal and terrorist. He had said that the technique that the Kerala Police, at the behest of the Pinarayi Vijayan government, adopted against him was similar to the way the CPM accused the slain Youth Congress leader SP Shuhaib.

“This is CPM’s approach in Kannur. They will liken the person to a criminal. After such tagging, they will make sure that person is no more,” he said.

The Incident

On June 13, 2022, Kerala Youth Congress activists boarded a commercial flight carrying Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to Thiruvananthapuram from Kannur, waving black flags in protest against alleged police harassment.

The Chief Minister was in Kannur for a three-day official tour. The Youth Congress workers were arrested by the CM security team and LDF leader Jayarajan, who was accompanying Vijayan, and handed over to the CISF. Jayarajan described the incident as worse than a “terrorist attack”. The incident was also criticized by the CPI(M) Secretary of State, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, who claimed that the Youth Congress workers were plotting to attack the CM.

Meanwhile, Congress leader VD Satheesan described it as a “symbolic protest against police repression”. Farzeen Majid, leader of the Youth Congress Mattanur bloc and one of the protesters, claimed their aim was simply to register a protest, and they were “brutally beaten” at the airport by the CM security team and Jayarajan, seriously injuring them. .

According to police, Youth Congress activists began chanting slogans after the CM took its seat. Kannur DIG channel Rahul Nair said it received a tip about it and notified the CISF, but the young congress workers managed to board the plane after posting the medical history of a patient with cancer receiving treatment at Thiruvananthapuram Regional Cancer Center.

According to sources, this incident also provoked attacks on some Congress offices, including the state headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram, allegedly by members of CPI(M) and its youth wing DYFI.

Following the incident, members of the Kerala Youth Congress were arrested and charged with attempted murder. They then secured bail from the Kerala High Court in this case.

Indigo places Kerala Youth Congress workers and LDF official on ‘no-fly list’

A month after a fight broke out between Left Democratic Front (LDF) leader EP Jayarajan and Kerala Youth Congress workers on an IndiGo flight, the commercial carrier had put them on a ‘hit list’. ‘no fly’ for unruly behavior on board a flight.

IndiGo had set up an internal committee to investigate the matter in accordance with Section 3 of the Civil Aviation Requirements (CARs) – Air Transport, Series M, Part VI, Edition II. On Saturday July 16, the committee delivered its final verdict in the case.

Youth Congressmen Naveen Kumar RK and Farsin Majeed PP were convicted of a Level I offense and banned from flying IndiGo for a period of 2 weeks. Similarly, EP Jayarajan was found guilty of a Level II offense and was banned from flying with the airline for a period of 3 weeks, starting July 16 this year.