Liberia: PUP National Youth Congress Declares Vote of No Confidence in its President for Alleged Corrupt Practices

Monrovia – The National Youth Congress of the People’s Unification Party has declared a vote of no confidence in its youth president, Joseph O. Beyan, for alleged corrupt practices.

According to the national vice president in charge of recruitment and mobilization, Kaba Mulbah, the decision was taken following the investigation by the executive committee which found Beyan guilty of corruption, misconduct and criminal association.

Kaba warned that institutions should immediately refrain from doing business with Beyan.

He alleged that the former youth president also hired and paid off a group to hunt witches and attack Margibi County Senator J. Emmanuel Nuquay, who is the political leader of the party.

He said it is a disservice for the youth president to align himself with the group and attacked the political leader of the party.

Said Kaba, “For the youth president to organize underprivileged youth in the county [Margibi] attacking the standard bearer not only attacking the standard bearer but not accounting for the money, motorcycles given to him by the party vision bearer, we cannot accept.”

“To our knowledge and in accordance with the provisions, the acts perpetrated by Mr. Beyan are consecutive and in clear violation of Article 16.0 section a) of the Party constitution which justifies his immediate resignation or removal from the position of current president of the youth. of the party.”

He, however, revealed that the Youth League Executive Committee has appointed Mr. Preston Saingba as Acting President to run the affairs of the Youth League.

But contacted by FrontPage Africa, Beyan said he did not want to give credence to the allegations made against him.

He said those who expelled him as Youth League president do not have the legal standard to expel an executive committee member.

According to him, there was an emergency meeting of the executive committee called by the party’s national chairman, representative, Samuel Korgar, which Kaba was instructed to retract within 24 hours.

Said Beyan, “Kaba has 24 hours tomorrow at the same time of the press release to recant or else the National Executive Committee will ask the General Secretary to distance himself from the actions of these guys. He promised following the decision of the executive committee, both the men will be from the national youth league.