Malta should adopt Singapore-like quotas for new cars, suggests Youth Council

Malta should follow Singapore in imposing a quota system on the maximum number of vehicles that can be used on the roads at any one time, the National Youth Council has proposed.

In its pre-budget document, the KNŻ approved “the establishment of a system whereby individuals engage in a tendering process in order to purchase and use a vehicle for a number of years. limited years, this system being modeled on what was introduced in Singapore with regard to the possession of a car.

This was a reference to Singapore’s Certificate of Entitlement program which allows bidders to compete for the right to own and use a vehicle in the country for a period of ten years.

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat launched the model as an idea to curb traffic two years ago, but said he would rather encourage people to use public transport by paying them to take the bus.

In addition to this outline, the KNÅ» has put forward a number of interesting proposals for the next budget, scheduled for October 11.

They are asking for trials over a four-day work week, a concept that has been tested in countries like Iceland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Japan. Earlier this month, Scotland confirmed that it will also test the concept.

They also propose the reopening of trade schools, a recent appeal by the Union of Professional Educators, as well as a “considerable” increase in educator salaries and new civic education programs.

Other proposals include a carbon tax, rehabilitating Manoel Island into a public green space, walk-in mental health clinics, more physical education classes, and an update to national policy. sexual health.

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