Malta’s national youth organization calls on parliament to declare climate emergency

The Maltese National Youth Council KNÅ» has called on the Maltese Parliament to declare the climate emergency.

“Young people have always been at the forefront of change,” KNÅ» said in a post as he begged parliament to declare a climate emergency.

The organization noted the efforts of environmental NGOs, saying that “in recent months we have witnessed tremendous efforts from NGOs, movements and even individuals who work for this cause “.

“KNÅ» has just demanded that parliament declare a * state of climate emergency in Malta * at this year’s edition of the National Youth Parliament.”

In calling on parliament, the organization expressed its hope “that youth and other youth organizations will join us in calling for this call.”

“In the past, proposals such as the 16 vote put forward in the National Youth Parliament have been adopted by the Parliament, and we are convinced that it won’t be any different.

This appeal was launched a few weeks after the fires in the Amazon which shocked the world. Another Maltese organization, Extinction Rebellion, also wants Parliament to declare the climate emergency.

If Malta declares such an emergency, it will be the fifth country in the world to do so.

Do you think Malta should declare a climate emergency?