Mental health support dominates Youth Council Conference held in Goulburn | Goulburn post

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Mental health was at the forefront of conversations when Goulburn hosted the NSW Youth Council conference from February 18-20. The annual event travels across the state and welcomes young people ages 12-24 who are members of a youth council or youth advisory group for a local government council, non-governmental organizations, a leading government agency or high school. Read more: Small Business Expo returns after COVID cancellations Crookwell dogs steal the show After originally being postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions, Goulburn has opened its arms to host the three-day event with the highly anticipated Vibesfest community event taking place on Saturday nights. Councilor Carol James said it was impressive to see the leaders of tomorrow passionately advocating for their local communities. “There were definitely a lot of confident, focused young people there,” she told the Post. “They want to do the best they can for their communities, that’s what it’s really about. It has to be young people who are interested in their communities and their future.” There were young people from across the state , some even traveled eight hours to get here from places like Cobar. We had a few councils from Sydney represented but most of the members were from regional NSW and had never been to a youth conference before so that was a big deal.” Ms James said mental health and resilience were a hot topic over the three days, although there were plenty of lighter activities to break the seriousness.”There was a lot of talk about mental health and access to services,” said she explained. “But the main outcome, I think, was how to live a sustainable life. How to live a better life with all the social media restrictions and expectations placed on young people today. “It was really good, the kids made a lot of friendships. It was a busy weekend full of activities. They did laughter yoga and other fun activities like making friendship bracelets “These fun activities interrupted the discussion about change and how to take those lessons back to their communities.” Did you know the Goulburn Post now offers news alerts and a daily email newsletter? aware of all local news: register below.