Michael Laverty to lead the British Mini Bikes Youth Academy supported by Vision Track

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Photo: GeeBee Images

Former British MotoGP and Superbike star Michael Laverty has teamed up with Vision Track to launch a new free academy for young people within the British Mini Bike series.

Laverty is one of the most experienced and well-rounded pilots in the country and will be able to advise all academy participants on everything from sleep and diet to media relations, as well as training sessions. obligatory track.

But without strong support the academy would be on shaky ground, so Simon Marsh of VisionTrack – the company that title sponsor PBM Ducati in BSB – is on board as title sponsor, making it the Vision Track Michael Laverty. Academy.

“In Britain we end up with our best riders in their thirties because it takes so long to develop the skills to get to the top,” Laverty told bikesportnews.com.

“I am a strong believer in the 10,000 hour rule, which is the time it takes to become an expert in anything that equates to five years of working 40 hours a week.

“We want to try and shorten the way the Italians and Spaniards do it with a lot more track and learning time from a young age, so when they reach the age for a Talent Cup or Reds tryout. Bull Rookies, they are ready and prepared.

“I’m going to be teaching lessons myself and bringing in instructors who will be professional racers using go-kart tracks, dirt tracks, all the things that at ten you have to learn – but that also has to be fun.”

The British Mini Bike Championship will be the home of the Vision Track Academy, with its ever-evolving riders and support base.

The championship will create the infrastructure for the academy to function and provide a well-organized and safe platform for juniors to level up and have fun trying to get there.

How it works

2020 season

  • The rest of this season will be used to identify and spot talent for the chance to be in the academy in 2021.
  • This will be done by Michael and his team at the BMB race meetings
  • All junior classes will be observed
  • Identified runners will be invited to a selection / test day at the end of this season (is 30 runners)
  • Riders will be selected on many criteria including ability to learn, desire, love of the sport and good manners to name a few.

2021 season

  • The selected riders will continue to race in the BMB junior category they wish
  • Receive coaching and guidance from Michael and his team
  • Running under the VisionTrack Michael Laverty awning that each member will receive
  • All bikes will be uniform in graphic design / fairing under the VisionTrack banner
  • Be brought to live days at MotoGP and BSB events
  • Invited to private test days
  • Each runner will ride for his place each year to keep his place for the following year
  • The riders of the Academy will be supervised throughout the year to be invited to a selection day at the end of the year to have the possibility of winning a place for the following year.