National Youth Council of Dominica Announces Nomination Criteria for Youth Award

National Youth Council of Dominica Announces Nomination Criteria for Youth Award

Dominica: The Dominica National Youth Council will host the National Youth Awards in August 2022.

We are extremely excited and so proud to have brought back this initiative to elevate and recognize the hard work and efforts of our young people who are making a name for themselves day after day.

The National Youth Awards recognize young people between the ages of 16 and 35 who have contributed and created positive change in the lives of others within their community or country by extension. The Youth Awards focus on young people in Dominica who have overcome great odds and served as inspiration and role models for others.

Applications can be submitted via this form:

The Youth Council announced the nomination criteria for the awards, which are as follows:

1) Award for Outstanding Youth or Youth Organizations in Cultural Preservation and National Heritage –
– Must be an advocate for culture and heritage with young people.
– Must actively demonstrate and promote local culture.
– Must participate in cultural traditions or activities.
– The award is given in recognition of the efforts of cultural personalities who contribute to the intellectual and artistic promotion and preservation of Dominican culture and its appreciation and understanding throughout the country, region or world.

2) Outstanding Youth in Indigenous Cultural and Traditional Preservation Award –
– The recipient has contributed to the empowerment and development of the young and general population of Kalinago.
– Must participate in indigenous cultural and traditional activities.
– Must actively demonstrate and promote Aboriginal cultural and traditional language.
– Must be an advocate for Aboriginal and traditional culture with youth.
– Must promote Aboriginal values ​​and language in the school and in the community.
– Lead a balanced life based on a foundation of strong cultural and spiritual values.

3) Outstanding Youth in Agriculture Award –
– Must be actively involved in agricultural education: production and policy.
– Must be involved in agro-industrial marketing. Agriculture or another form of agro-industry.
– Must be a positive role model for others wishing to enter the field.
– Should actively promote youth participation in agriculture.
– Must contribute innovatively to the agricultural industry through their practices.

4) Outstanding Youth in Digital Transformation Award –
– The company must belong to the winners.
– Must have an update. Numerically relevant links constantly maintained or active.
– The content is current, regular and appropriate.
– Digital Wallet payment facility: for example Mobanking, online banking, Mlajan or PayPal.
– Able to do business effectively and efficiently with a professional business model that seeks to impact Dominica’s digital business sector on a small, medium and large scale.
– Must demonstrate that it champions the use and implementation of technology and promotes job creation in the digital economy.
– Promotes, creates, inspires and seeks to produce current, relevant and engaging content.

5) Outstanding Youth Entrepreneurship Award –
– The company is partly owned by itself.
– The business must be incorporated.
– Must contribute to the economic and social development of the community.
– Must demonstrate a sustainability projection, eg outline growth plans.
– The candidate must serve as a positive role model for other young entrepreneurs.
– Must have been in business for at least one year.

6) Outstanding Youth in Mass Media, Contey Award for Creation and Journalism –
– The prize is awarded to journalists, commentators, photographers, media houses as well as digital creators who have, through their intervention, positively contributed to raising awareness of the contributions and achievements of young people: promoting national youth development and youth empowerment.
– The recipient must have been actively involved in the media for at least two years and is a positive role model for entering the field.

7) Outstanding Youth Community Organization Award –
– Must be registered with parent organization eg District Youth and Sports Council and/or other governmental or non-governmental stakeholder agencies.
– Must comply with the administrative and procedural fireworks stipulated by the parent organization, for example, governed by the Constitution. Rules and regulations, policy guidelines.
– Youth organizations should have a positive public image and friendly relationships and partnerships with young people: the community and other key stakeholders.
– Must actively encourage you to become a member of a similar institution.
– Must have successfully implemented sustainable projects that have had an impact on the community.

8) Outstanding Youth in Climate Activism and Environmental Advocacy –
– Demonstrates a major leadership role in creating, organizing and implementing projects or campaigns related to climate activism and environmental advocacy.
– Demonstrates the application of new solutions and approaches to relevant environmental challenges.
– Has developed projects that have had a significant impact on SDG13 climate action as well as those with environmental sustainability and climate awareness components and can be used as a model for other communities.
– Have been engaged with youth groups and stakeholders to collaborate on projects related to environmental conservation and other major environmental issues.

9) Outstanding Youth in the Liberal and Performing Arts Award –
– Must be registered and be an active participant in a performing arts organization or a solo artist.
– Must have participated in national, regional or international activities related to the performing arts.
– Must continually demonstrate ethical behavior and must contribute to social awareness of positive behavior among young people.
– Must promote the performing arts to young people.

10) Outstanding Youth in Creative and Literary Arts Award –
– Nominees must have produced work in the past two years.
– Must contribute to social awareness of youth development and continually display positive ethical behavior.
– Must encourage and support the development of creative and liberal arts among young people.

11) Exceptional young person living with a disability

-The prize is awarded to a person who, despite his or her disability, makes a significant national contribution in the socio-economic or professional sectors.
– Must be an active member of a community club and participate in a community program. Make a significant contribution to community development or represent their association nationally. Regional or international.
– Should be seen as an example in society for other people with disabilities.

12) Esteemed Volunteer Award –
– Individuals must have served as a volunteer with at least three voluntary organizations in Dominica.
– A person must have demonstrated a high level of reliability and produced work of an acceptable standard.
– Individual is truly motivated and passionate about volunteerism and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the highest level of service when performing or participating in activities.
– Must be in good standing with an organization where there are active members.

13) JCI Dominique Fadelle Yankey Excellence in Leadership Award –
– They must be connected to their community, school or institutions, where their leadership skills are used.
– Substantial participation and leadership in committees, working groups, community groups, mentoring activities, etc.
– Leadership to solve problems, influence change or new directions with the community.
– Leadership in the areas of professional development and the use of technology.
Nominees must be willing to promote the ideals of JCI for the year after winning the award.

14) Outstanding Diaspora Youth –
– Must be a Dominican citizen living in the Diaspora contributing to the development of Dominica.
– They must be young Dominicans from the diaspora or young Dominicans living in Dominica.