New youth council to tackle community connections and mental health

Posted on April 05, 2022

Frankston City Council welcomed its new Youth Council for 2022 with 11 passionate and enthusiastic members ready to leave their mark.

The Frankston Youth Council is an advocacy and action group of young people aged 12 to 24 who are connected to the Frankston area. It meets fortnightly from March to December, providing a vital forum for young people to make their voices heard and represent other young people in Frankston City.

The new council has already set itself the goal of repairing some of the damage done during the COVID shutdowns.

Youth Councilor Isabella Gervasoni said: “In 2022, I would like the community to feel more like a family again, since we have been confined and taken out of isolation. For us all to come together and celebrate each other.

Youth Advisor Yasmine McCoy added: “When you have that strong foundation with the community you live in and the people you grew up with, it sets you up for a better future. We work together for the good of the community and with the community.

Youth Councilor Jorden Lancaster said: “I was on the Youth Council last year and found it really empowering. Even though it was during COVID, we still found ways to connect with the community through various projects.

Mayor of the Town of Frankston, Nathan Conroy, said: “This year, our youth council is working to strengthen community connections and mental health awareness after a difficult and isolated two years.

“Members of the 2022 Youth Council are extremely passionate about the issues currently affecting young people and are committed to bringing about change for their community, through projects, consultations and events,” he said.

In previous years, the Youth Council has participated in anti-bullying events in schools and provided kindness kits to local vulnerable people, while working closely with schools and other relevant organizations to improve results.

The Mayor added, “Each unique perspective can help ensure that the Council provides the right kind of opportunities and assistance to our young people in our community, in addition to the incredible outreach work that our Council members do. young people will undertake this year.

“I commend each member for taking up the challenge and dedicating their time and energy to helping others in this way.”

Yasmine said: “I personally think the lockdowns have had a very big effect on young minds and coming out of it we need to work together as a community to support young people in this transition to normality. Keep discussions open and honest.

Jane Thomson, youth worker on the board, said, “We have a mix of new and veteran members on the board this year, which is a great combination of fresh ideas and experience.

“We continue to be amazed and inspired by the passion these young people have for their community. They really want to make a difference and make things better, not just for other young people but for everyone,” she said.

The Youth Council is one of many Council programs designed to provide young residents with leadership opportunities. Frankston Youth Service also runs the Fresh Entertainment (FReeZA) program, for young people interested in pursuing a career in music or music event management, our Youth Stewards program and our Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

Welcome and congratulations to the Youth Advisors: Samantha Beaumont, Oliver Robinson, David McFarlane, Mac Zamani, Peter Martin, Laura [surname withheld]Jessica Healy, Olivia Sutherland, Yasmine McCoy, Jorden Lancaster and Isabella Gervasoni.

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