Punjab Youth Congress Liberals Attack Virender Sehwag Over Crack Tweet

Indian cricket legend Virender Sehwag mocked those who celebrated Pakistan’s victory over India by popping firecrackers after Pakistan beat India in the T20 World Cup. Virender Sehwag also asked what was the need to ban firecrackers for Diwali when they can be busted to celebrate Pakistan’s victory over India in cricket.

However, the ex-cricketer’s angry liberals on social media accused him of inciting hatred against the minority community in India.

Punjab Youth Congress targets Virender Sehwag

The Punjab Youth Congress (PYC) targeted Sehwag for his tweet in which he supported firecrackers for Diwali while condemning those who celebrated Pakistan’s victory over India.

The PYC noted, “From the colors of India to the colors of the community. Viru phaji, what hypocrisy it is when sons of farmers die at the border and there fathers at singhu, don’t get your attention but everything else including all that busted cracker nonsense. You were a model once, not a bjp model.

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Earlier, Congress National Media Coordinator Radhika Khera celebrated Pakistan’s victory over India in the T20 World Cup and cursed “Bhakts” about it.

Liberals attack Virender Sehwag

India Times Senior Correspondent Shweta Sengar, called Sehwag is a “vermin” and “a first-rate hate-maker”.

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Prominent hate-monger Ashok Swain has said it is time to quit cricket.

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Congressional supporter Sumanth Raman claimed the first part of the tweet was a “dog whistle.”

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Another user said that the “Sanghis” deserved concentration camps and that there was nothing wrong with saying so.

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A Muslim activist called Virender Sehwag, a ‘dirty Nazi scum’.

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Another called Sehwag an “absolute piece of crap.”

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Pro-AAP blogger Rifat Jawaid attacks Sehwag

Pro-AAP blogger Rifat Jawaid target Sehwag on the tweet too. He called the former cricketer a “bigot” and called his tweet “totally disgraceful”.

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Rifat Jawaid sparked outrage on Sunday after claiming that his Hindu friend in college would hide photos of Hindu gods so he could offer Namaz. “As a university student in Kolkata, I often studied with my friend Rajesh in his house in Bara Bazar. Her grandfather was an RSS worker. But they always encouraged me to gift my namaz to their home even covering pictures of their deities. This new India is now unrecognizable, ”he said. noted.

UP, Bihar students attack Kashmiris in Punjab for cheering on Pakistan

Kashmiri students at the Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology in Sangrur, Punjab, were beaten by students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for cheering on Pakistan in their match against India in the the T20 World Cup.

Sangrur SSP Swapan Sharma said both sides have apologized to the police and the case has been settled.