QOC Launches Al Adamam Youth Council Initiative

The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) on Wednesday announced the launch of its pioneering Al Adaam Youth Council initiative.
Al Adaam Youth Council is a representative structure of all young people in Qatar of all nationalities. It will be an active factor engaging in all sports matters and decision making related to QOC strategies.
This new entity will take center stage in the QOC’s planning processes, hosting sporting events and strengthening its social responsibility efforts.
The main objective of the Al Adaam Youth Council is to develop the creative youth initiatives that will help the QOC to take decisions, embed sports culture within the Qatari community, reach out to local youth through a group elite group of youth elements representing the QOC. The Al Adaam Youth Council will also help develop new initiatives and creative ideas to be incorporated into current and upcoming QOC processes.
This newborn council will spare no effort to carry out several responsibilities and tasks, at the top of these, to promote the strategy, values ​​and objectives of the QOC in the local youth community, to reinforce the Olympic values, the Qatar team values, encouraging the local youth community. to get involved in the sports sector, making the Qatar team a launching pad for community participation, dedication to performance and opening the unofficial communication channels between the QOC and the category of youth.
The council will help promote all QOC social responsibility initiatives within the local community, encouraging the QOC and its staff to develop creative strategies and plans, transferring the perspectives of Qatari youth on sports issues to the QOC , working closely with the board, sports federations, local organizing committees, exchanging ideas with the local youth community and maximizing youth participation in board activities.
A number of standards required for appointment to the Al Adaam Youth Council have been defined. The council is made up of 10 members representing all young people in Qatar (Qataris and non-Qataris), their ages ranged from 17 to 27 years old. Members will be split equally between genders, in addition to members from people with special needs. The student from the nominated group who has been approved and selected by the QOC will serve as chair of this council.