Receiving threatening calls from gangster, says Youth Congress leader : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Jalandhar, March 6

Jalandhar Youth Congress President Angad Dutta has filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police (CP) regarding threatening calls he has been receiving from a foreign number since February 28.

Angad Dutta said he received the threatening calls on WhatsApp from an international number. He said the person, who claims to be a feared Punjab gangster, threatened to kill him.

“I received the first call on February 28. The person on the other side first asked my name, not knowing who he was or it might be a call from someone looking for help, I revealed my name. Afterwards he gave me my car number and other personal details and threatened to prepare me for dire consequences as they would follow me,” he said.

He said he didn’t take the call seriously until he got the call just two days ago. He said after discussing the matter with his party members and senior leaders, he had the complaint filed with the police on Saturday.

“The phone number mentioned in the complaint is under surveillance and efforts are underway to identify the caller,” he said, adding that police had asked him to remain vigilant and CCTV footage close to his area were being checked. Furthermore, the police also assured him of safety in case anything suspicious was found in the footage.