Rwandan candidate for Commonwealth Youth Council outlines priorities

25-year-old Rwandan Mussa Mutsinzi unveiled his manifesto as he sets out to become the regional representative of the Commonwealth Youth Council in Africa and Europe.

It comes after he was shortlisted from among 41 young leaders on Friday April 1 as candidates who will run for election to join the Commonwealth Youth Council as executive members.

Candidates were shortlisted from hundreds of applications received from across the Commonwealth block, following a rigorous review process. They will compete for the nine executive seats on the council.

Mutsinzi is seeking siege against six other young leaders; Namir Chowdhury (United Kingdom), Kaene Disepo (Botswana), Ifeoluwa Kehinde (Nigeria), Shamim Nabuuma (Uganda), Jane Nakasamu (Zambia) and Ekema Ndolo (Cameroon).

In an exclusive interview with The New Times, Mutsinzi described the headquarters as a platform through which he can play a role in bringing positive change to young people not only in Rwanda but in all 54 member states.

“When I have the opportunity or a platform where I can express my ideas on how the world can live in a better environment, I always look forward to it and especially when it comes to young people, I am so interested, ”he added.

The campaigns, which take place online, began on April 30 and will end on May 21. The vote will take place online on May 22 and 23, while the results will be released on May 24, depending on the schedule.

Among Mutsinzi’s priorities according to his manifesto are promoting social welfare and social justice, fighting for decent living conditions for young people and including entrepreneurship among young people.

How to support it

To support Mutsinzi through their social media, people can give him more views, likes and comments on his manifesto available on his YouTube channel as well as share his campaign poster on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram by tagging #CommonwealthYouth, #CYF, # CHOGM2021, @Mussa Mutsinzi on FACEBOOK, @mussa_mutsinzi on Twitter, @Mussa Mutsinzi on LinkedIn and @mozz_du_bois on Instagram.

The electorate will be composed of delegates from each of the 54 member countries of the Commonwealth. Each country has two delegates, who have one vote.

Among the main criteria to consider in elections is the popularity of the candidate’s manifesto on social media platforms.

He said there had been good comments so far about how his manifesto had been adopted on social media, but called for more support.

The elected candidates will serve on the board from 2021 to 2023 and lead inclusive consultations, projects and events to advance the ideas and concerns of young people to shape youth development policies and frameworks.

Applicants were required to submit a detailed application including their manifestos, personal profile, a letter of approval from a National Youth Council or youth-led organization, and a letter of secondment from a ministry.

Established in 2013, the Commonwealth Youth Council aims to advance the youth development agenda in the 54 member countries and stimulate the participation of young people at all levels of decision-making.