Scottish companies welcome interns from CodeClan Youth Academy

Many Scottish businesses and universities host interns from the CodeClan Youth Academy, a partnership between the digital skills academy and investment management group Baillie Gifford.

The partnership aims to give young people hands-on experience of how a technology-driven business operates in the workplace.

The 14 interns will move into paid positions at FreeAgent, Stellar Omada, Heriot-Watt’s Robotarium, DirectID, Inoapps, Cademy, and Lane Media after a four-week coding bootcamp at CodeClan.

Commenting on the partnership, CodeClan CEO Melinda Matthews-Clarkson said, “As Mark Logan highlighted last week at Turing Fest, education is one of the key pillars needed for the Scottish tech community to reach a tipping point and establishes itself as a true state-of-the-art technology. center.

“Furthermore, the digital skills requirements in every type of organization are on a steep upward curve. CodeClan Youth Academy demonstrates that with greater buy-in from the Scottish business scene, we can help address this pressing concern.


Yvonne Robertson, Chief Information Systems Officer at Baillie Gifford, added, “We have been really encouraged to see the CodeClan Youth Academy get started, we hope it can be the first of many to come, and Echoing Melinda the success of the initiative will rely on even more companies coming forward to support the academy.

The CodeClan Youth Academy (CCYA) is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 21, providing participants with key programming skills typically required in an industrial environment.

While the Academy provides a vital opportunity for young people to develop skills, it is also a potential talent pool for Scottish businesses amid the growing digital skills gap.

Almost two-thirds of organizations in Scotland struggle to find people with business-critical digital skills. Likewise, companies across the country are also reporting a worrying shortage of skilled entry-level talent.

Dermot Murray, VP of Technology at Inoapps, said, “Inoapps believes investing in the next generation of digital talent will be critical to our future growth and success. The digital skills crisis means it is proving increasingly difficult to find future talent, so it is vital that we invest in and develop our own talent through programs such as this.

“Inoapps has had a long and successful partnership with CodeClan, having recruited over 30 graduates from their Digital Skills bootcamp into a wide variety of digital roles, and we welcome this new initiative.”

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