Srinivas Youth Congress leader after questioning by police about COVID distribution

On Friday, May 14, Delhi police visited the Indian Youth Congress office to question Srinivas BV, the chief, who is actively working to provide COVID relief.

Police said they had to open an investigation into alleged charges against politicians engaging in the illegal distribution of COVID relief materials during the crisis.

However, Srinivas said he will continue the relief work as he has nothing to hide, according to India today.

“Crime Branch officials came to the Youth Congress office about an ILP filed in Delhi High Court by 12 people asking for action against the build-up of oxygen and other life-saving drugs. We have shared all the information with them and we have nothing to hide; we will continue the relief work, ”Srinivas said.

According to reports, the police were acting on a petition filed with the Delhi High Court, filed by one Deepak Singh, which said politicians from different parties were involved in the illegal distribution of drugs used for COVID treatment.

In his petition, Singh referred to politicians as a “medical link between the mafia and politics” and called for a CBI investigation into the illegal distribution, The Indian Express reported.

“In case the alleged incidents have taken place in Delhi, Delhi Police should take appropriate action by registering the FIR,” Judges of the Division of Judges Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said in an order.

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