Stroud District Youth Council (SDYC)

The Stroud District Youth Council represents the views of young people at the district level, giving young people the opportunity to speak out, discuss relevant issues, engage with decision-makers and help improve the lives of young people within their communities.

The Stroud District Youth Council (SDYC) was founded in 2000 by the Stroud District Council to give a democratic voice to young people (11-18 years old) in the Stroud District who had an opinion but no way to express it. Since then, many young people and their communities have benefited from the work of SDYC, its members being positive active citizens in their respective roles. Today, District Youth Advisors continue to act as representatives of their community, advocating for issues facing youth in the District.

SDYC and the nine local youth forum groups represent the views of young people in the district; allowing them to collectively exercise their right to speak out and be heard on relevant matters of concern. Subsequently, they engage with decision-makers to influence change and help make a positive contribution to improving the lives of the people and communities they represent.

For more information on SDYC and local youth forum groups, please visit the Stroud Youth Voice website.

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