Suraj Singh Thakur: Mumbai Youth Congress Leader Resigns After Appointment of “Non-political and Inexperienced Person” | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Expressing dismay at the appointment of a “non-political and inexperienced” person as chairman of the Mumbai Youth Congress, the working chairman of the Mumbai Youth Congress, Suraj Singh Thakur, tendered his resignation on Wednesday party.
This follows the appointment of Zeeshan Siddiqui as president of the Mumbai Youth Congress and Thakur as working president on August 15, 2021.
In his resignation letter, Thakur said: “I was very disappointed with the recent decision and I am totally uncomfortable working with a non-political and inexperienced person in the key organization of Congress.
He further expressed his disappointment, stating that his hard work and dedication has been sidelined.
“I hope you understand the dismay of a normal Karyakarta who feels neglected as topshop is taken care of, who has less experience in the organization than I do,” Thakur said in his resignation letter.
Thakur said he had worked as a congressional ‘foot soldier’ ​​and added: ‘Coming from a middle class family, having grown up in the slums of Mumbai, I joined the congressional pony during my years as a university as a member of NSUI in 2007, working hard and dedicated for several years. ”