Telangana Youth Congress Leaders Demand Job Notifications and Unemployment Benefits | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Members of the Youth Congress and its President of State, Shiva Sena Reddy, have been taken into custody for attempting to break into Pragati Bhavan, the official office of the residence-camp of the Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrasekhar Rao.
Referring to the suicide committed by the young unemployed A Mahesh in Mancherial, Shiva Sena Reddy called it a murder of the government. Members of the Youth Congress were demanding to fill vacant government posts by two lakhs and release from monthly unemployment benefit without further delay.
“K Chandrasekhar Rao was able to become the chief minister of the new state of Telangana, mainly thanks to the sacrifices of their lives by students and young people for the cause of the state. But he betrayed them by not fulfilling more than 2 lakh vacancies Suicides by the depressed lot of students and young people continue in Telangana, “said Shiva Sena Reddy and city president Mr. Rohith.
On the one hand, the TRS government does not publish job notifications and, on the other hand, does not give Rs 3,016 monthly unemployment benefit promised by Chief Minister KCR to young people during the election campaign of the ‘Assembly of 2018, said Shiva Sena Reddy.
He called on young people not to resort to extreme measures and to fight with the government for jobs and other aspirations in the new state for which it was made.
The Youth Congress demanded Rs 50 lakh as a gratuity from members of Mahesh’s family who committed suicide, that the government should publish job notifications before launching tenders for wine merchants next month, release Rs 3,016 per month for unemployment benefit, failing which the Youth Congress would trigger statewide unrest.