The new CodeClan Youth Academy to launch tech careers

A new program, the CodeClan Youth Academy, has been created to help teach computer science to young people.

Established in partnership between Baillie Gifford and national digital skills academy CodeClan, the eight-week program will be based in Edinburgh

Aimed at ages 17 and up, the CodeClan Youth Academy will teach programming skills required in an industrial environment. With 10 places available in the first cohort, the program starts on Monday, July 4.

The program includes a four-week coding bootcamp at CodeClan, followed by a four-week paid internship at one of the academy’s industry partners.

According to CodeClan, students who complete the course will be able to perform tasks equivalent to the role of a junior front-end developer.

The CodeClan bootcamp section will include training in HTML and CSS, presentation skills, JavaScript, NodeJS, and introductions to user experience (UX) and Angular.

This will be followed by what the partnership calls “hands-on experience of how a technology-driven business operates in a work environment.”

CodeClan CEO Melinda Matthews-Clarkson said: “We have a huge tech landscape in Scotland, from agriculture to creative industries and space tech, but we don’t have enough people to meet the growing needs. of our economy. It’s time to rally the younger generation to learn the skills we need to make our world a better place.

“This is the second program we are launching this year aimed at young people, to provide them with the skills and confidence to access technology jobs. This is a big priority for CodeClan, and if we don’t address the current skills shortage, we’ll have a big problem in the future.


Almost two-thirds of organizations in Scotland are struggling to find people with business-critical digital skills and there is a shortage of specialist entry-level talent.

Recent research also revealed that less than ten thousand pupils studied computer science in Scottish schools in 2021.

Baillie Gifford’s Chief Information Officer, Yvonne Robertson, said: “We believe it is crucial that we all play a part in developing our young workforce and reducing the deficit. of digital skills by giving an overview of the range of career opportunities in the technology sector.

“As an industry and business community, we can collectively share our vast experience and knowledge to help guide young people to positive outcomes beyond school, such as apprenticeships or higher education in technology. .

“Baillie Gifford is thrilled to support CodeClan’s new Youth Academy program in pursuit of these clear goals.”

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