The new Royal District Youth Council holds its first meeting

A new Youth Council, helping to give a stronger voice to the youth of the Royal Borough, met for the first time at Town Hall on Monday evening.

More than 30 young people applied, and Robert Jansen-Spence, 17, was eventually elected first president.

The forum aims to help young people get involved in their communities, by playing an active role in shaping and informing local decisions.

Among the topics discussed at the first meeting was their new constitution and the approval of a letter to schools that are not currently represented on the Youth Council.

President Robert Jansen-Spence of the Windsor Boys’ School said: “It is a real honor to be elected as the first president.

“We had a fantastic first meeting as a Youth Council and it was really exciting to meet the others in the council room and get started.

“Young people are really interested in what is going on in our community.

“The Youth Council will give us a stronger voice and allow us to become more involved in decisions that will affect us and to advocate for issues that matter to us.

“We already have a number of ideas that we are looking at.

“We are always open to welcoming new members of schools and young people in the borough, so if you are between 14 and 19 years old and you live or go to school in the borough, please apply via the website. ”

Councilor Andrew Johnson, Head of Council (Adult) said: “The formation of the Youth Council is a big time and it is clear from the number of applications and the quality of the discussions that we are having truly engaged young people through the process. Royal Borough, who want to make a positive difference in their community.

“As a Cabinet, we frequently make decisions that affect the future, whether short or long term, and so we are naturally keen to hear the thoughts of our young residents on their experiences and perspectives.

“The Youth Council is a fantastic platform, allowing young people to highlight, discuss and collaborate on issues that concern them, whether local or national, and to play a meaningful role in it. development and information for local decision-making. ”