The Tiv Youth Council is fake, unknown

By Peter Duru – Makurdi

The Tiv Youth Organization, TYO, Worldwide, an umbrella organization for Tiv youth around the world, has distanced itself from an organization that calls itself the Tiv Youth Council Worldwide. entire, claiming that as a bogus and unknown organization, the group seeks to denigrate the genuine leaders and elders of Benue.

TYO Global President Timothy Hembaor, in a statement made available to Vanguard on Tuesday in Makurdi, clarified that the group does not speak on behalf of Tiv youth on any subject.

Hembaor said: “The Tiv Youth Organization, TYO, read a statement issued by a mercenary supposedly of Tiv origin who claims to speak on behalf of Tiv youth and made caustic remarks against the leaders and elders of the ‘Benue State hiding under a bogus group called’ Tiv Youth Council in the World. ‘

“His last outing was against Governor Samuel Ortom whom he accused of attacking President Muhammadu Buhari when, according to him, the governor did not play well.

“As the rightfully recognized umbrella organization of all Tiv youth around the world, we hasten to distance the Tiv Nation from the despicable words of this paid group.

“Nigerians should note that there is no known group in Tiv land and even in the whole of Benue State with the name ‘Tiv Youth Council Worldwide’. Therefore, any statement attributed to a group with such a name is purely the work of enemies of the state who are fighting badly and have recruited their fellow travelers from our people to help them wage a media war against the Governor. Ortom and anyone else who stands in their way.

“Ordinarily we would have ignored the young man‘s clownish words for the crass manner they encountered, but as an organization that represents Tiv youth around the world, it is our duty to show leadership and to respond to perfidy.

“It is unacceptable to hide under a fictitious group to make statements on behalf of a solid youth cream of Tiv origin. It is the decency of any TYO affiliate to follow established protocol.

“This attempt to establish legitimacy on the non-existent group is not only shocking but also portrays us in a bad light as a people. It is appalling and absurd that Governor Samuel Ortom is called an occupied body for resolutely defending the Tiv nation.


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“It would seem that they forgot in their delirium the main role of governance which is the protection of life and property and that, Governor Ortom pursued with honor.

“The governor called on President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure the safety of the Benue because the president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Unfortunately, Buhari did not respond to the governor’s call. On the contrary, the armed shepherds emboldened themselves to kill and kidnap at will and this spread throughout the country. Consequently, Nigerians reacted by rising up against the Fulani threat.

“It should be noted that Governor Ortom found a solution to the murderous Fulani issue by enacting a law that ended open grazing and encouraged ranching, but the Fulani herdsmen refused to obey the law. . The anti-open grazing law was passed in every state in the federation and it must have shown the president that solutions are possible, after all.

“This development has aroused the ire of President Buhari who now perhaps considers Governor Ortom to be enemy number one.

“The current fury also has to do with the robust defense that Governor Ortom bestowed on Bishop Hassan Kukah when he raised the Nigerian issue with the Congress of the United States of America. Bishop Kukah’s moral strength cannot be tainted by anyone. Governor Ortom is within his rights as governor of a federating unit of Nigeria and his state is the target of poor governance by the federal government headed by President Buhari. If Ortom can’t show a kinship with Bishop Kukah, who else will.

“They must realize that to us in Benue our safety and survival is more important than any other issue in the state. If we were to become homeless like some of our brothers who are now living in camps for internally displaced persons, what would become of us? This crisis is the worst thing that has ever happened to us in Benue State. We should be supporting our governor rather than joining the enemy in throwing stones at him for doing his best under the current circumstances.

“Governor Ortom won his two terms on the platforms of different political platforms. This sets its credentials for acceptability. It has never imposed itself on the state and winning elections is different from the dynamics of elements of existentialism.

“This problem goes beyond those who think that every problem has a price. What advice can they offer other than being sounding boards for special interests? We have lost thousands of people in this crisis and all it takes is for an anonymous person to use the free space to confront people who are looking for solutions to alleviate a dangerous situation.

“Finally, we are warning them to retrace their steps. The Tiv youth will not hesitate to impose heavy penalties on anyone who engages in politics with the unfortunate security situation in Benue State. Those looking for crumbs under the dinner table of high-ranking people in Abuja should remember that their acts of treason are not only suspected but also known.

“The battle for the soul of Benue State is beyond the comprehension of those working against the Tiv Nation in a time of war between good against evil, justice against impunity and freedom against subjugation.”

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