Tibetan Youth Congress calls for boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics

To draw international attention to China’s gross human rights abuses in Tibet and Xinjiang, RTYC is organizing a bicycle rally

Tibetan Youth Congress calls for boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics

In order to draw international attention to the human rights violations committed by China in Tibet and East Turkestan (Xinjiang), the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC) organized a bicycle rally from Bangalore to the national capital New Delhi.

They called for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics condemning Chinese aggression.

The President of the RTYC Tsering Chomphel said, “We appeal and appeal to the basic human conscience of all people and boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics as a expression of solidarity with the peoples of Tibet, Xinjiang, Southern Mongolia and Hong Kong who suffer from Chinese repression and oppression.

He added: “Although sport should ideally be kept out of politics in normal times, the atrocities committed by the Chinese against Tibetan and Uyghurs in the form of increased deaths in police custody, torture, enforced sterilizations, enforced disappearances, genocide and the running of mass concentration camps raise fundamental questions about the fundamental principles of the ‘humanity.

“We cannot and must take sport away from basic moral principles. The international community cannot continue business as usual with China over its domestic repressions and overseas aggressions since On the Himalayan borders of India in Taiwan and the South China Sea,” he said.

The RTYC Chairman added: “The world has already given China the opportunity to host the 2008 Olympics with the hope that the same opportunity will provide a gradual impetus for Chinese leaders to improve the human rights situation, but the Chinese government did the opposite what the international community expected.

“The International Olympic Committee is fully complicit in the ongoing cultural genocide and systematic repressions in Tibet and Xinjiang by not raising the same issue with China,” he alleged.

“We invite all relevant international governments, NGOs, businesses and athletes to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics in order to hold China accountable for its gross human rights violations. The international community should turn shine a spotlight on China’s horrific human records in Tibet and Xinjiang, instead of letting China whitewash its crimes against humanity, including genocide and repression, he said.

International events like the Olympics should be a Party of human fraternity, freedom and dignity and should never be sold as a platform to a totalitarian and imperialist regime to whitewash crimes against humanity, he demanded.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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