Tiv youth council slams Daniel Saror for comments on insecurity

The Tiv Youth Council Worldwide has denounced recent comments attributed to a former Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Professor Daniel Saror, who sounded the alarm over “a coordinated program to conquer, Islamize and spread the caliphate in the country”.

The two-time former senator representing the senatorial district of Benue North East had, while commenting on the security challenges in the country recently in Makurdi, said that the security situation is not an accident but a planned and coordinated program to conquer , Islamize and expand the caliphate in the country by highly connected, well-funded and motivated BokoHaram elements”.

In a press statement signed by the Chairman of the Tiv Youth Council, Hon. Mike Msuaan, Abuja, the group expressed regret that highly educated and respected figures like Professor Saror, who held several leadership positions, named and elected, be careful. their words.

The group insisted that Senator Saror should instead submit the details of his findings to the security agencies rather than create panic in people’s minds.

“We expect Professor Saror to voluntarily provide information to security agencies. He said there are militia herders and Boko Haram with contacts that stretch across the Middle East, Asia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia among others and are funded in billions of naira to carry out the program for the conquest of the caliphate. This information will help security agencies track down and suppress these destabilizing agents and their sponsors,” the statement said.

Hon. Mike Msuaan reminded Senator Saror that the threat of Boko Haram and herdsmen attacks on farming communities began during the administration of former President Obasanjo, at a time when Professor Saror was a Senator for the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The group said part of Senator Saror’s constituency was affected by the ranchers’ and farmers’ crisis, saying, “We wonder why he didn’t present his findings to the government of the day to limit such attacks.

Hon. Msuaan further said that the worsening of the situation today is due to the fact that yesterday’s leaders failed to take decisive action and let it degenerate into a monster.

He urged Saror to take advantage of the renewed vigor of the Nigerian military and other security agencies in the fight against insurgency, banditry and other criminal elements in the country recently, which led to the surrender several BokoHaram fighters in the northwest and northeast. .