Vantaa Youth Council denounces ‘poor quality’ of school food | New

Vantaa’s school food expenditure is among the lowest in Finland, costing less than two euros per meal.

Vantaa City Council President Sari Multala and former President Tapani Mäkinen voiced their support for the Youth Council statement. Image: Vantaan nuorisovaltuusto

The Vantaa Youth Council has called for improving the quality of school food in the city, after receiving numerous complaints from students.

Cafeteria meals at Vantaa schools have come under fire in recent years, with students reporting rotten potatoes, raw meat and alleged insects found in their meals. Some of the student complaints were accompanied by photos.

Several students also mentioned that food ran out in the middle of the school day and ended up eating oatmeal and snack bars, according to the board.

“It’s no coincidence, similar situations happen all the time in schools where Vantti produces food. The Youth Council has been calling for better school feeding for many years, but there has been no change. place,” the board said. in his statement released on instagram (siirryt toiseen palveluun).

City-owned, Vantti is a company that provides catering, cleaning, real estate and security services in Vantaa.

“I think we can produce good quality with the current budget. However, the price of the meals is a matter agreed with the customer, as are the food criteria and related production methods,” said the service manager of Vanti restoration. Hannakaisa Haanpaa said.

Lowest school budget in Finland

Vantaa’s school food expenditure is among the lowest in Finland, costing less than two euros per meal.

President of the Vantaa Youth Council, Philippe Godlewskitold Yle that the organization would like to see the city find a new catering supplier through a competitive procurement process.

City councilor and former board member of Vanti Jussi Saramo (Left) said the Twitter (siirryt toiseen palveluun)that indeed, a small budget cannot ensure good quality or adequate quantities.

However, Saramo said that rather than asking the city to find a private supplier, he would like to see the budget related to meals increased by around two million euros.