Youth Congress activists lay ‘K-Rail stones’ on Thrissur Collectorate premises

A march by Youth Congress activists to the Thrissur Collectorate on Thursday demanding the removal of the controversial K-Rail project turned violent. The protest was also against the police attack on Congress MPs in Delhi.

Youth Congress activists who managed to overcome the heavy police coverage laid K-Rail survey stones on the Collectorate premises in symbolic protest. Activists clashed with police when they tried to remove the stones.

The Collectorate witnessed unfortunate scenes for over an hour as the police resorted to charging lathi and using water cannons against the agitated Youth Congress activists.

Youth Congress workers, led by District Chairman OJ Janeesh, took the motorcade from the District Congressional Committee (DCC) office to the Collectorate. However, the police stopped them near the Collectorate. DCC President Jose Vallur inaugurated the dharna.

As the police arrested the workers, some of them jumped over the perimeter wall and entered the Collectorat premises to lay the stones. A tense situation prevailed when protesting workers clashed with police who attempted to remove the stones. Several activists and police were injured in the melee. Police have registered charges against nearly 100 congressional activists.

The workers protested again when the police took the injured activists in their vehicle to the police station without admitting them to hospital. They then besieged the Town West police station. The protest was later dispersed after police transferred the injured activists to hospital.

Meanwhile, police have charged Congress workers who staged an evening march to protest the attack on MPs in Delhi. Many congress workers were reportedly injured in the incident.