Youth Congress campaigns against price hikes

Highlighting the distress caused to ordinary people by soaring prices for basic necessities, Raksha Ramaiah, chairman of the Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee (KPYCC), said his organization would soon launch a campaign against the Union government on the price increase.

Speaking to media in Hosapete in Vijayanagara district after the completion of a three-day workshop for Youth Congress workers on Wednesday, he said the BJP-led Center was doing everything to add to the suffering of the population. “The prices of basic necessities are skyrocketing and the EU government is doing nothing to control them. KPYCC members will soon be launching a large-scale campaign. The Youth Congress has played a central role whenever the party is in opposition, as its members have fought valiantly at the grassroots to bring to light the wrongdoing of the ruling party. We are on the verge of change at the state level as well as in the country. We will lead our pro-people struggle to its logical end by ensuring the ousting of the BJP government in the state as well as at the national level, ”he said.

The workshop was organized under the title of Yuva Krantige Bunadi (Foundation for Youth Revolution) and addressed by Indian Youth Congress leaders BV Srinivasa, MS Raksha Ramiah, Seetaram Lamba, Anil Kumar Yadav, Vidya Balakrishna and Divedi Surabhi, Congress leader PT Parmeshwara Naik, social activist Akkai Padmashali, senior journalist Dinesh Amin Mattu and KPCC spokesperson Niket Raj Mourya.

KPYCC leaders said the aim of the workshop was not only to organize brainstorming sessions for all young people and prepare them to face the BJP and its allied forces, but also to prepare them. to assume leadership roles in their respective fields.

The Youth Congress has decided to organize young people in large numbers in the upcoming by-elections in Assembly constituencies Hangal and Sindagi to ensure the defeat of the ruling BJP in the state.