Youth Congress criticizes Kerala government’s decision to raise retirement age in PSUs

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A day after the Kerala government raised the retirement age for state PSU employees to 60, the Youth Congress on Tuesday slammed the decision calling it ‘anti-youth’.

They also strongly objected to the way the National Chairman of DYFI-AARahim responded after being asked about the decision saying that the Kerala unit would respond to it.

It was also shocking that DYFI was known to take to the streets on short notice, when the CPI-M was in opposition.

Youth Congress President Shafi Parambil, a three-time Congress legislator, said DYFI was just a public relations agency of the Vijayan government.

“The Youth Congress will not allow the Vijayan government to raise the retirement age to 60. This is an anti-youth decision and we will launch a massive protest against this decision because dreams, the hopes and aspirations of the youth of the state will be dashed if the retirement age is raised,” Parambil said.

There are more than 100 state power packs employing about 1.50 lakh workers.

Notably, the retirement age of various PSUs in the state ranges from 56 to 58 and the new ordinance was issued based on the recommendations of an expert committee, which conducted an extensive study on the wording a common framework for the salary structure of PSUs. in the state except Kerala State Electricity Board, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation and Kerala Water Authority.

The panel had recommended that the retirement age for employees of all state PSUs be raised uniformly to 60, as in the case of central PSUs.

What came as a shock to many was Rahim’s response – a familiar face in most vernacular TV channels – when he said DYFI’s Kerala unit would respond.

Meanwhile, the AIYF – the youth wing of the CPI – the second biggest ally of the ruling Vijayan government has come out strongly against the move to raise the retirement age.

AIYF Secretary of State TTJismon said the decision came as a shock to young people in the state.

“We will protest against this decision, because it will seriously affect the professional aspirations of young people and we simply cannot allow this. This is a political decision and the Left Democratic Front must know that,” said Jismon.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons for this decision is the severe financial crisis the state is going through and some state PSUs like Traco Cables have been unable to pay the salaries and pension benefits of its employees. .

Reacting to the development, opposition leader VDSatheesan said it was a known fact that when the CPI-M was in opposition, all the noise it made when someone in government raised the issue of retirement age.

“And now, when they were in power, they acted slyly and issued an order. They should have started a discussion on this crucial issue with the opposition and youth organizations. This is how the CPI works- M,” Satheesan said. This may be just the start, as it could even be extended to state government, he added.

Incidentally, there are about 4.5 million educated unemployed youths in Kerala and from the beginning CPI-M has strongly opposed the retirement age as Kerala is the only state where government employees of state retire at age 56.