Youth Congress displays unwavering commitment to pandemic relief distribution

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  • “Food bank” campaign carried out tirelessly since March 25 in India
  • Rahul Gandhi keeps an eye on all the relief work going on
  • Youth wing of Congress receives generous support through online contributions, with all donations made public

68 days after the start of Lockdown 1.0 on March 25, the Indian Youth Congress launched the distribution of food packets as part of the “Food Bank” campaign. Youth Congress President Srinivas BV said the entire nationwide relief campaign for distressed migrant workers was the brainchild of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The youth wing of the Congress is the cornerstone of the organization which meticulously executed various relief campaigns during the lockdown i.e. distribution of dry rations, #MaskPehnoIndia campaign, distribution of food packets at railway station, at the bus stop and even shoes/slippers and basic children’s clothing.

Each state unit of the IYC and through their social media #SOSIYC, they rescued and provided free transportation to stranded migrants, whose testimonies are flooded on social media. Even as Unlock One kicks off, IYC headquarters witnessed long lines of migrant workers waiting to collect food packets.

National Youth Congress President Srinivas BV has become a ‘man-machine’, the force that propels thousands of volunteers to be at the forefront at Ground Zero, helping those in need. He responds to distress calls in the wee hours and has built a large network of colleagues who have worked like clockwork during the COVID lockdown.

Srinivas received praise and recognition from within the party ranks, with the top brass being in direct contact with him. He believes in avoiding politics in these hours of humanitarian crisis and lets his work speak for itself. His team now plans to reach out to migrants who need help with paperwork to get the benefits they are entitled to as pensions for the elderly, widows, orphans and those who have lost their source of support. income during the Covid-19 epidemic.