Youth Congress leader accuses Mumbai party leader of insulting him, writes to Sonia Gandhi

Congressman and Mumbai Youth Congress Chairman Zeeshan Siddiqui accused the party’s municipal unit leader Bhai Jagtap of insulting him at a party event, exposing the rift in the party. within the organization ahead of the crucial Mumbai civic body polls.

In a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, dated November 15, Siddiqui alleged that while he went to participate in a morcha on November 14, which was also attended by KC Venugopal and Maharashtra Congress official HK Patil, Jagtap made derogatory remarks against him and his community.

Siddiqui called for strict action against Jagtap, claiming his behavior was unethical of Congress.

Discord between party leaders does not bode well for the party ahead of the crucial Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections, scheduled for early next year. The Congress, which once dominated city politics, has only four Mumbai deputies in the State Assembly. The party was also relegated to a third position within the BMC.

The newbie MP for Bandra East said that on November 14, before many leaders went to “Rajgruha”, the residence of BR Ambedkar in Dadar in central Mumbai, the list had been prepared by the President of Congress of Mumbai, Bhai Jagtap, but being one of four members of Congress MP for Mumbai and chairman of the Mumbai Youth Congress, his name was not on the list, Siddiqui said.

Even though his name was not on the list, the police let him in because he is an elected official.

When Bhai Jagtap saw this, he rushed outside and said that no one else could come in, Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui said he told Jagtap he was its chairman.

“Instead of protecting me, you insult me. It’s not fair, ”Siddiqui said in the letter.

He further alleged that Jagtap made derogatory comments against his community but did not give details.

“Here we are fighting against the BJP government, against fascism to protect secularism, social harmony and equality but the behavior of the Mumbai congressman is demeaning.”

“Being the righteous person that you are, ma’am, I trust you to take strict action as this type of behavior does not represent the principles and ethics of our Congress party,” Siddiqui said.